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Get peace of mind knowing that your final expenses, funeral, and burial costs will not be left to surviving loved ones or friends to deal with.

Most applicants will qualify for instant coverage and no medical exam is ever required.




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Final Expense and Burial Insurance Plans

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Burial Insurance

Burial insurance for seniors has become one of the most popular types of insurance policies for seniors. It’s very affordable, easy to buy, and most importantly, easy to qualify for.

In fact, there are burial insurance policies available where the company doesn’t even consider your health. Virtually anyone who is alive can buy affordable burial insurance. You can get a quote on this page or call us at 844-528-8688


final expense insurance

Final Expense Insurance

When people die, there are certain expenses that they leave behind that need to be paid for by using cash from their estate, funds from an insurance policy, or paid by surviving loved ones.

We’re not talking about consumer debt or car loans, we’re talking about end-of-life expenses like funeral and burial costs, unpaid medical bills, and outstanding nursing home expenses that were not covered by health insurance.


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High Risk Plans


Most life insurance companies that offer burial insurance have three plans to accommodate those applicants that are dealing with serious or multiple health issues. The plan you qualify for helps us to find who has the best burial insurance for your medical condition.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry because we have your back. We specialize in high-risk burial insurance plans


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