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If you have angina YOU CAN GET BURIAL INSURANCE! Enter your information in the quote tool on this article or give us a call at 844-528-8688. Keep reading to get all the details on burial insurance with angina.

What gets in the way of seniors suffering from Angina, from finding proper burial insurance benefits that are affordable and immediate?

We know, and we’ve constructed the most informative article for those with Angina searching for burial insurance.

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First, let’s consider the two most commonly prescribed medications used to treat Angina.

Fortunately, we have access to life insurance companies that provide first-day coverage for anyone prescribed these medications. 

For most taking either of these medications, burial and life insurance policies, when purchased by phone, will have a 24-month waiting period in order to receive 100% of the death benefits.

Can I Get Burial Insurance with Angina?

Yes you can but, there are certain underwriting questions that will determine what plan you qualify for.

When it comes to the health questions on the burial insurance application, the questions about Angina will be associated with a specific time period.

It’s likely that you will see the health questions formatted like the following:

  1.  Have you had or been treated for Angina (chest pains) within the last 12 months?
  2. Have you had or been treated for Angina (chest pains) within the last 2 years?

Within the last 12 months

If you’ve legitimately experienced Angina in the past 12 months, your policy will have a waiting period.

Unfortunately, your burial insurance policy will cost more when compared with the policy of a healthy individual.  Your best bet in this scenario is to choose a guaranteed issue policy from AIG, which will be cheaper.

This policy will have a 2-year waiting period before your benefits kick in.

From 13 to 24 months

If you haven’t experienced any angina for the past 13 to 24 months, your options are better and broader.  Insurers will definitely ask if you’ve had chest pains in the past year.

If it has been over one year since the last time you felt chest pains, essentially, you would be eligible for a plan that costs the same as a healthy person’s.  Additionally, if you’re approved, you will receive coverage starting on day one.

More than 24 months

 Thankfully, there are not many burial insurance companies that ask about chest pain in the past 2 years.  If this is your scenario, virtually all insurance carriers will offer you the same price as if you were a healthy person.

More than 24 months but still taking meds for Angina

If, however, you have not had chest pains in over 2 years, but are still taking medication for it, then you will be classified as if you had chest pains last week.

In other words, you would fall into the highest risk category.  Depending on the medication that you’re taking, certain angina medications may qualify you for a level premium minus the waiting period.

How much should I expect to pay for Burial Insurance with Angina?

As we mentioned earlier in the article, your premium for burial insurance with Angina will depend on when you were last treated. This determines whether you will qualify for a level benefit policy or a guaranteed issue policy.

Here is an example of level benefit rates versus guaranteed issue rates for a male and female with a $10,000 death benefit:

Age Male Level Male Guaranteed Issue Female Level Female – Guaranteed Issue
50 $30.68 $44.09 $24.31 $34.47
55 $35.95 $56.90 $27.71 $43.23
60 $43.76 $63.17 $32.87 $50.02
65 $56.48 $84.15 $41.01 $61.57
70 $70.01 $98.18 $54.79 $74.52
75 $100.15 $138.55 $72.41 $107.17
80 $139.73 $246.44 $98.43 $175.42
85 $192.74 $315.82 $135.90 $199.06

Let’s talk about Angina

Funeral insurance with Angina

The feeling of uncomfortable pressure, fullness, squeezing, or pain in the chest is known as angina pectoris. It is a result of ischemia (reduced blood flow) to part of the myocardium (the muscular tissue of the heart).  There are three forms of angina pectoris:

Stable Angina typically occurs during exercise or as a result of stress and is predictable.

Unstable Angina is a medical emergency.  This form may occur at rest, is unexpected, doesn’t readily respond to nitroglycerin, and is often providing a warning that a blood clot may be blocking one of the coronary arteries.

The spasm of an artery often causes variant angina, often occurs at rest, and is entirely spontaneous.

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Angina Symptoms

The classic signs of Angina are tightness, squeezing, and burning in the chest, often radiating to the left arm, neck, and shoulder blade, usually caused by exertion.  Women may experience back and abdominal pain as well.

Occasionally, nausea and vomiting may occur, as well as acute anxiety.  The person experiencing Angina while concerned with a possible impending heart attack will certainly feel some level of acute anxiety.

Most angina attacks last as little as 15 minutes, no more than 30 minutes, and the average length is 3 minutes.

Treatment for Angina

If a burial insurance provider requests information regarding your treatment for your chest pain, they are requesting the medications you have been prescribed and are currently taking.

Keep in mind, the burial insurance application will contain a prescription history check and health questions.  The underwriters will evaluate the prescriptions that have been ordered for you and whether you have or have not taken them.

Commonly, physicians will prescribe nitroglycerin for their patients to keep on hand, just in case.

While you may have never actually had to take it, just having a prescription for nitro will cause the insurer to believe that you fall in the category of someone who is being treated for chest pains.

Unfortunately, you will still need to disclose the filled prescription despite never taking it.

The Bottom Line

If you are searching for burial insurance after dealing with Angina, make sure you contact an independent agent like My Burial Insurance Plan, who has experience placing high-risk cases and who is willing to work your case in order to get the best policy with the lowest rates without a waiting period.

Call 844-528-8688 for help.

Although having a history of Angina does not disqualify you from getting burial insurance when you were diagnosed and the treatment that followed will determine which company we feel would offer the better solution.

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