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Burial Insurance for Seniors with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


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One of the main concerns when it comes to consumers seeking out life insurance that provides coverage for funeral expenses is whether their existing medical condition will pose a problem upon application. Finding affordable burial insurance with chronic fatigue syndrome doesn’t need to be difficult.

While this may be an issue with the majority of health conditions, chronic fatigue syndrome generally does not cause much hassle.

In this article, we will discuss what chronic fatigue syndrome is, what burial insurance is available, and what the underwriting might look like, and how to buy affordable burial insurance with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome



Chronic fatigue syndrome, or Myalgic encephalomyelitis, is a long-term medical condition that causes continuous and persistent exhaustion that does not subside with rest or adequate sleep, causing issues for the sufferer’s everyday life.

Typically, it affects both the immune and nervous systems.  Some physicians also label it as post-viral fatigue syndrome.


The unfortunate part about chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is that rarely is it managed with medication and a chronic fatigue specialist typically has to help the individual manage the symptoms.


Since the medical condition affects everyone differently, there’s really no clear indication of exactly how it will affect the individual’s ability to acquire life insurance.


Those that are unable to manage two or more activities vital for daily living will most likely be denied a level benefit policy, leaving them with the only option of a guaranteed issue policy.

However, once a recovery from the condition is achieved, applying for a level benefit burial insurance plan becomes a possibility.



Qualifying for Burial Insurance with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

How to get Burial Insurance Pre-Existing Conditions


As mentioned previously, the inability to perform two or more daily activities due to CFS limits the type of life insurance available to the applicant.

If chronic fatigue syndrome severely impacts your life, then most likely you’ll be offered a guaranteed issue burial insurance plan.

If, however, you’re able to lead a normal life and do not require assistance in performing your daily activities, then you may qualify for a level benefit plan.



Life Insurance with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome



Finding the appropriate policy when dealing with chronic illnesses can be rather confusing.  Just as the disease itself is oftentimes baffling, the underwriting process can be perplexing as well.

The applications provide the carrier with a sneak peek into what health issues you might be suffering from.  For the purpose of this article, we are only discussing chronic fatigue syndrome.

However, if you have other underlying conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, or cancer, your eligibility will be different.

The following are a few of the medical questions that might be asked about your chronic illness:

  • When were you diagnosed?
  • What daily activities are affected?
  • What course of treatment was used?
  • Has your condition improved or resolved?


Depending on the underwriting process, which varies by company, you may also be asked about your medication history. 

Information such as what kind of medication has been used to manage your symptoms, the dosages, and frequency will also be important to the underwriter.  They will want to know the specific medications used in order to get a sense of the possible negative side effects.


While it may seem difficult to gauge how life insurance companies view chronic fatigue syndrome, it’s crucial that you are upfront and honest about any and all health conditions that you have had in both the past and the present.


Dishonesty could result in an unpaid claim upon your passing, leaving your loved ones to bear the financial burden of your final expenses.

There will always be life insurance options available to you, no matter the severity of your chronic fatigue syndrome.


Applying For Burial Insurance with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

chronic fatigue syndrome


The type of life insurance policy and face value that you will qualify for will be dependent on the severity of your CFS and how it impacts your daily life.

While this is not a fatal illness, it oftentimes requires the help of a home health professional to assist in managing everyday activities.


Buying Burial Insurance with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome



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Most insurance companies readily accept those with chronic fatigue syndrome, and if anyone has told you that the diagnosis will disqualify you, that’s just not true.

Working with an independent life insurance agent will help you in finding the most affordable burial insurance with coverage beginning day one.  If you’ve been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, you will most likely have two options available for coverage.



Simplified Issue (Level Coverage)



When choosing a burial insurance plan, you’ll most likely be looking for affordable premiums and immediate coverage.  As mentioned before, when you’re applying for burial insurance, you’ll have to answer a few health questions before your application can be submitted to underwriting.


The underwriting process typically consists of a review of your medical records, as well as your prescription medication history.  Fortunately, you’ll be able to skip the medical exam with a simplified issue policy.


The information gathered during the application process allows the insurance company to determine your eligibility for this immediate coverage.  It’s critical to be as honest as possible and disclose any outside assistance needed to perform daily activities as it relates to chronic fatigue syndrome.



Graded Death Benefit Plan



If you’re found to be ineligible for a level death benefit policy, as mentioned previously, the graded death benefit would be your next choice to consider.

Unfortunately with this type of coverage, your beneficiary will not receive the full death benefit, but rather a portion of it.  This form of coverage includes a two-year waiting period.

Generally speaking, if you pass during the first year of coverage, your beneficiary will receive 40% of the death benefit, and 70% if you pass during the second year of coverage.

Ask your independent insurance agent which insurance companies offer the graded death benefit because this form of coverage is not available with all burial insurance plans.



Guaranteed Issue (Guaranteed Acceptance)



If you do not want to answer any health questions or you do not want to participate in a medical exam, this type of coverage is the way to go.  You are eligible as long as you are a U.S. citizen between the ages of 40 and 85.


However, you must understand that guaranteed issue burial insurance comes with a graded death benefit as well, which means that if you pass away during the two-year waiting period, your loved ones will not be paid the full death benefit, except in accidental death circumstances.


Rather, your beneficiary will receive a refund of the premiums that you paid in plus 10% interest, typically.


Although it’s reasonably simple to qualify for a guaranteed issue burial insurance policy, it’s wise to at least try to qualify for the level death benefit with immediate coverage first.



Finding Affordable Rates for Burial Insurance with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome



In order to find coverage with affordable rates befitting your unique individual needs, be sure to contact an experienced and credible independent insurance agent.


They typically represent numerous top-rated insurance companies that provide affordable burial insurance.



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