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Buying Burial Insurance after an Aneurysm is possible but there are several factors to consider. Keep reading for the information that will help you make an informed choice. To view rates enter your information on the quote tool on this page or give us a call at 844-528-8688 and we will do all the work for you.

Can You Get Burial Insurance After An Aneurysm?

The short answer is YES!

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When we discuss an aneurysm, there’s basically only a handful of issues to think about. For the most part, burial insurance companies will inquire about a history of aneurysms in the medical portion of the application.

Fortunately, we do have companies that don’t even ask about having an aneurysm . As you may assume an insurance underwriter is completely okay with medical issues they DO NOT ask about.

In fact, in almost every case where the subject of an aneurysm
even comes up, it’s the medical procedure used to treat an aneurysm that might
result in a problem. Not every treatment presents an issue, but some do.

To make certain that we get you the best rate and coverage we would ask you specific questions relevant to the aneurysm.

Certainly, our objective is to learn everything we can about your circumstances, in order to match up your case with the most appropriate and least expensive burial insurance policy. Here are the questions we’d ask you concerning your aneurysm.

  • When was it diagnosed?
  • What part of your body was affected?
  • Were you prescribed any medications?
  • What surgeries, if any, were undertaken to treat
    it and when did that happen?

After we accumulate this specific information, we can provide you with a clear picture in regards to the options you’ll have.

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How Are Aneurysms Underwritten by Burial Insurance Companies?

The Timing is Important

For burial insurance companies that will inquire about aneurysms, their question about it will be very clear-cut. Ordinarily, you’ll see the question presented in one of two approaches.

  1. Have you been diagnosed with, or been treated by a physician for an aneurysm within the last 12 months?
  2. Have you been diagnosed with, or been treated by a physician for an aneurysm within the last 24 months?

If your aneurysm was over a year prior, we have companies that only check back for the prior 12 months and in this case, there wouldn’t be an issue.

This would be in addition to the burial insurance companies we represent that don’t inquire about aneurysms at all.

For 99 percent of burial insurance companies that inquire about aneurysms, ask if it occurred within the last 2 years. If yours was more than two years ago, it would be irrelevant.

Treatments for Aneurysm that may affect Burial Insurance

Simply having an aneurysm rarely presents a problem in finding the best burial insurance plan. But, in some cases, it can be the treatment of an aneurysm that could cause an applicant to pay additional premiums or be required to have a waiting period.

The following is an explanation of how different treatments
might affect your burial insurance coverage and rates.


  • Medication – In many instances, physicians will prescribe medications to treat hypertension or high cholesterol and encourage you to stop smoking, eat healthier, and get a lot more exercise. In the end, it’s unlikely that any of the medications the doctor prescribes will have virtually any impact on the outcome of your burial insurance application. You will simply get the lowest payment and first-day coverage (no waiting period).


  • Surgery – In circumstances where a physician might need to operate on an aneurysm that hasn’t ruptured, the surgery to correct the aneurysm will be categorized as circulatory surgery. Based on when you had the procedure, you may or may not have to pay a higher than the standard rate for coverage.

If the surgery was more than twelve months ago, you will likely qualify for level benefit burial insurance which offers immediate coverage as well as the lowest rates available. If the surgery was more than 2 years ago, it simply will not matter to the underwriter.

After two years have passed, no burial insurance company will actually be concerned. Having said that, if your surgery took place within the last 12 months, you will not qualify for level benefit burial insurance, and consequently will pay a higher premium and have a two-year waiting period.

How to find the best rates for burial insurance after an Aneurysm

Finding the best rates for Burial Insurance after an Aneurysm

You can enter your information on the quote tool on this page to see all the rates available to you in your state.

To find the best rates for burial insurance, you must go to the best source. We’re not talking about calling a long list of insurance companies or visiting their websites; we’re talking about finding an experienced independent agent who represents multiple companies.

It’s not who you know, it’s who you shop with. Never consider or buy a guaranteed issue or guaranteed acceptance policy without first speaking with an experienced agent.

These types of policies should only be purchased if an agent was unable to get you qualified in a level benefit burial insurance plan.

Quite frankly, some agents work harder than others and
unfortunately, many are not willing to take the time needed to get a difficult
case approved and issued. That’s not us!

My Burial Insurance Plan is a reputable and experienced independent life insurance agency that represents many of the highly-rated insurance companies, and more importantly, the companies who are willing to work with the agent and prospective customer.

All you’ll need to do is contact us by CLICKING HERE or call us at (844)528-8688 during normal business hours.

How much Burial Insurance do I need?

This question is always in the top three. It’s an important question because the last thing you want to do is leave part of your funeral and burial costs for your surviving loved ones.

There’s never a problem having too much life insurance, but not having enough can cause stress for those you love and have left behind to handle your affairs.

Fortunately, we can let you know how much you need so the
scenario mentioned above doesn’t happen.

It’s important to understand, however, that just like everything else except for electronics, the price for an average funeral and burial goes up every five years.

This means the amount of insurance you buy today will likely not be enough five years from now and so forth. Knowing this, it makes good financial sense to buy more than the minimum.

According to Parting.com, a reputable online funeral home comparison website, the average cost of a funeral and burial service in 2020 is going to be in the neighborhood of $12,000 when you factor in the costs for services provided by the funeral home along with the cost the gravesite and headstone.

Certainly, that price can be diminished by taking some steps now to reduce product costs by arranging to purchase your casket from a third-party supplier and arranging to have your memorial service in the house of worship you attend or another facility.

The issue is to do what you can now so your loved ones won’t have to deal with it when they’re mourning your passing.

Remember this when searching for burial insurance

This article is about just one health condition that can be looked at by burial insurance companies. You can read more about other health conditions that could affect your pricing and the type of funeral insurance you are able to get here at our guide to burial insurance with pre-existing conditions.

Call us with any concerns or questions at 844-528-8688

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